I love reading, what I read shapes how I think and what I do.

In this list I share some of the readings that have influenced the way I look at the world and how I relate to it.

Development as freedom, Amartya Sen
The value of everything, Mariana Mazzucato
Women, race & class, Angela Davis
Dark age ahead, Jane Jacobs
Burn-out society, Byung-Chul Han
The wealth of networks, Yochai Benkler
King Kong Theory, Virginie Desperentes
Why nations fail: the origins of power, prosperity and poverty, Acemoglu and Robinson
Factfulness, Hans, Ola & Anna Rosling
Afrotopia, Felwine Sarr
The world of yesterday: memories of an European, Stefan Sweig
Against hate, Carolin Emcke
Un mundo común, Marina Garcés
La resistència íntima, Josep Maria Esquirol
El infinito en un junco, Irene Vallejo
La guerra no tiene rostro de mujer, Svetlana Aleksievich