The next wave, Ouishare (2016)

Design and execution of one of the tracks of the Ouishare fest Barcelona program. The aim of the track was to explore new questions and concerns related to emerging technologies.

At a glance

The goal of the track was to open a space of exploration that helped participants reflect about the possible effects of emerging technologies and which possible future scenarios appear with them. To do so, we designed a two phase workshop:

1) Approaching the future [content]
We invited a group of 7 experts in different technologies who introduced us to different technologies and with whom we deepened in the effects that these different technologies can have in shaping our reality.

The invited experts were:
Carolina Avedano (virtual reality)
Lissette Lemus (artificial intelligence)
Lidia Contreras (open data)
Gemma Galdón (ethics and privacy)
Hugo Scagnetti (IoT)
Javier García Martínez (nanotechnology)

2) Newspaper of the future [hands-on]
Workshop participants were organized in groups and we used a template of a newspaper dated in the future to report on a social change related to the large scale impact of one of the technologies. Participants had to write a headline, explained what had happened between 2016 and 2021 (year of the newspaper) and share the testimonial of an person who’s life had been affected by the event described.

My contribution

Track leader. Design of the track, selection of the expert, coordination and facilitation of the workshops.

Organizations involved

  • Ouishare – organization organizing the Ouishare Fest Barcelona 2016
  • Ideas for Change – support in the framing of the track and facilitation of workshop

Further information

Reflective article published after the event [ES]

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