Pentagrowth Online Course (2019)

Online course aimed at supporting teams design, test and validate new business opportunities using the Pentagrowth methodology.

At a glance:

The Pentagrowth Online Course is a 3-month online program that aims to:

  • Introduce new frameworks. Learn about the Pentagowth and understand how it can be applied to different processes of innovation (e.g. analysis, exploration, design).
  • Gain experience in validating ideas in short-term cycles. Embark a collaborative process to prototype and implement using the Lean Startup methodology.
  • Employ new online collaboration tools. Work in teams that go beyond the organization’s boundary. Experience the increase in productivity offered using real time communication and collaboration tools.
  • Personal transformation process. Acquire knowledge and experience that will enable you to become an intrapreneur. Gain confidence in opening new conversations and spaces in the organization to encourage innovative and agile projects.

My contribution:

Responsible for the product at its early stages. Some of the activities I developed include:

  • Research about online learning (e.g. engagement strategies, product design, duration, types of activities).
  • Research about online learning platforms and real-time collaboration tools.
  • Design of the initial structure of the online course, syllabus and modules.
  • Content creation and case study documentation.

Organizations involved:

Ideas for Change

Further information: