Evolution Project (2020)

Strategic support in the definition and implementation of the growth and development plan of an Inuit-led training organization.

At a glance

Inspire Nunavut is a social enterprise that has been deploying entrepreneurial training programs in Nunavut since 2016. In the fall of 2018, the founding team took a step back in program delivery and transferred the management of the organization to an Inuit team led by Sandy Kownak.

One and a half years after the management of the program had been transferred, the team wanted to make an evaluation of the activities done and work in the development of a strategic plan to fulfill the commitments between 2020-2022. 

The Evolution Project kicked-off as a consulting contract aimed at guiding the team in the analysis of their activities and in the definition of a scalability and growth plan. During the definition of the strategic plan,  we identified the urgent need to develop the communications and information infrastructure of the organization to enhance team collaboration and more effective project management. 

Following the consulting engagement I worked with the team for 6 months and led the development and adoption of new processes and tools required to increase productivity, transparency and accountability within the organization.

My contribution:

During the first stage of the engagement I was responsible for the framing of the working sessions, the design of the processes and materials, and the facilitation of the sessions with the team. These sessions took place in-person and remotely using collaboration tools such as Miro and GDrive.

After the collaborative evaluation and ideation phases, worked on the main findings and developed a report that was used as a guiding document to prioritize activities and guide action across the team.

During the second stage of the engagement my priorities were:

Building the organizational structure

  • Define protocols for communications, project management and organizational memory.
  • Create guidelines and other guiding documents to facilitate the autonomy of the team without losing internal consistency. 
  • Ensure that any new tools are adequately adopted,used and updated by team members. 
  • Knowledge management basics.

Nurturing a shared culture

  • Build trust within the team.
  • Develop a written first culture.
  • Increase the collaboration across different people and teams in the organization.
  • Ensuring that there is a strong level of social connection (interactions and exchanges).

Growth strategy

  • Improve the onboarding processes of the organization. 
  • Create new content that will contribute to explain how we work and what we do.
  • Monthly strategic planning check-ins.

Organizations involved:

Inspire Nunavut
Small Economy Works

Further information: