Building new relationships with the collaborative economy (2017)

We worked with the leading Catalan education cooperative to build new symbiotic relationships with organizations working in the collaborative economy.

At a glance:

The goal of the project was to accelerate the strategic development of the cooperative by creating new relationships with emerging agents belonging to the collaborative economy movement. To achieve this, we launched an open call which led to a process to select a set of initiatives, with the objective of designing win-win relationships that can be valuable for all partners involved.

More than 30 local initiatives presented their candidature to the open call and 10 of them were selected for an interview.

Two initiatives were selected to establish long-term relationships and five other initiatives were selected to prototyping experiences aimed at validating the potential of the idea. 

The two selected initiatives to run long-term relationships were:
– Electronic Reuse (eReuse) : organization focused in promoting the circular economy in the field of electronics.
– Sharing Academy: platform specialized in providing P2P university tutors.

My contribution:

I was in charge of coordinating the project, which implied:

  • Design of the call for proposals
  • Support in the communications and diffusion of the open call
  • Coordination with all the stakeholders involved
  • Documentation of the strategy design sessions
  • Elaboration of the formal documents required to inform the decision making process
  • Follow-up with the initiatives/projects

Organizations involved:

Ideas for Change