About Me

I am an economist passionate about social sciences. I aspire to influence a more equitable and inclusive economy, expand human capabilities and explore the emergent issues that will shape our future​. 

What I do

I help meaningful initiatives gain scale and reach financial sustainability, increasing their reach and impact.

  • Research: Discover other initiatives (e.g. research projects or organizations) to learn from their experiences and amplify the range of references.
  • Reexamine & Reframe: Unbundle a complex problem into discrete problems and reconsider the value of under-utilized internal assets and accessible resources in the ecosystem.
  • Workshop design and facilitation: Design processes which enable the engagement of multiple stakeholders and create ideal conditions for collaboration and mutual learning.
  • Project management: Project milestones, timelines, budgets and coordinating work plans among internal and external stakeholders.
  • Network orchestration: Set-up, moderate and nurture knowledge exchange networks.
  • Product development: Taking knowledge-based products (e.g. training programs or research) from concept to product.


I graduated with a bachelors degree in International Business Economics from Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. During my studies I did a six-month internship in the International Centre of Microfinance and Social Entrepreneurship (ICMSE) in Dhaka, Bangladesh and a four-month internship as a Junior Consultant with Yunus Social Business in Albania.

After university I joined the team of Ideas for Change in Barcelona, where I worked for more than 4 years. I’ve been an active member of the OuiShare community in Barcelona.

I’ve recently been traveling through Southern Africa learning about basic infrastructure and social institutions, documenting the learnings through the 15000km.org project.

Contact me

If you are interested in one of my projects, or just want to connect, I am looking forward to hearing from you! You can reach out at: gabriela.masfarre@gmail.com.