Kajungiqsainiq pilot program (2020)

3-month online program that guides Inuit youth through the process of starting a project and achieving their goals.

At a glance

Kajungiqsainiq is a 3-month fully online program aimed at youth in Nunavut who are interested in developing their professional and entrepreneurial skills while reconnecting with Inuit culture and their local communities. The program guides participants through the process of starting something new and aims to equip Nunavut youth with the resources to flourish and achieve their goals.   

The curriculum of the program, which contains local examples and region-specific knowledge, has been structured to guide participants in the discovery of the relationships between entrepreneurial concepts and Inuit traditions. Course topics will be introduced and taught by our network of instructors to ensure that participants can learn from diverse perspectives and have access to mentors with different profiles and expertise areas. 

The program has been designed for each participant to have a personal learning pathway combined with a social or peer-to-peer learning experience facilitated by the coordinator of the program. Furthermore, there is a weekly wellness and goal setting module that supports them in achieving personal development goals and a balanced lifestyle.

My contribution:

  • Coordination of the team during the planning stages of the program.
  • Support during the design phase of the program. 
  • Technical support during the first weeks of the program deployment.

Organizations involved:

Inspire Nunavut
Small Economy Works

Further information:


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