Pentagrowth Certification Program (2018)

The Pentagrowth Certification Program is a training program that enables individuals to apply the methodology innovation projects and guide groups to work with it.

At a glance

The Pentagrowth Certification Program gives you the full and complete training necessary to master all aspects of the Pentagrowth methodology and successfully apply it to internal projects or on clients engagements. 

The training is a two day program, which teaches the participants the Pentagrowth approach to frame business challenges, provides techniques to identify under-utilized internal assets and to design business opportunities that leverage on the ecosystem.  Upon completion of the Certification Program , the facilitator can design and facilitate workshops with the Pentagrowth Methodology. The two day training program is both hands-on and minds-on, delivered in a fun and intense “leaning-in” atmosphere. Our approach is for the participants to experience first, and then reflect on that experience.

After the training, certified trainees belong to an international network of practitioners that exchange knowledge, develop new applications of the methodology and share professional opportunities.

Organizations involved

ISDI – Host organization
Ideas for Change

My contribution

I led the initiative, actively contributing to project management, program design, content creation, sales and business development strategy. Furthermore, I orchestrated the international network of certified facilitators to support their engagement with the methodology in their own projects.

Further information

Video of the first Pentagrowth Certification Program, Barcelona 2018