Pentagrowth Toolkit (2018)

Publication that contains all the required resources necessary to apply the Pentagrowth methodology to any project or initiative. 

At a glance

After more than three years applying the Pentagrowth Methodology with more than 15 organizations internationally, Ideas for Change started to be approached by independent consultants, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs who were interested in applying the methodology in their own projects.

The Pentagrowth Toolkit provides all of the required resources for people working in the innovation space to apply the Pentagrowth methodology to any project or initiative. The Toolkit is structured in two sections. The first section contains an introduction to the methodology, which is supported by business cases and examples from different industries and sectors. The second part of the book contains a detailed description of all the frameworks, processes, and activities that can be designed using the methodology. 

Organizations involved

Ideas for Change

My contribution

Project management, content creation and co-authorship. 

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