Keynote – How to create value in VUCA environments? (2018)

Presentation and workshop about how to create new value propositions by combining available assets.

At a glance

Innovation is the result of recombining what exists to create something that has more value.
In times of change and in environments of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) like the current one, new opportunities and questions emerge.

Faced with this reality, organizations must reconsider how their teams can provide them with new opportunities, new elements of added value in the market, rethinking their work and internal relationship models. At the same time, they also have to learn to interact with new agents and communities outside their environment to remain competitive.

The session invites attendees to reflect on how social and technological changes are displacing the area of ​​value in professional environments and what changes are implied to the day-to-day activities of organizations. We introduce participants to the Pentagrowth method, which provides an angle from which organizations can learn to relate to this changing environment, and generate new value proposals based on the internal and external potential and capabilities of the organization.

My contribution

I co-designed and co-facilitated the session. The workshop was composed by a theoretical/inspiring introduction and a hands-on exercise.

  • Speaker
  • Design and facilitation of the practical activity

Organizations involved

Universitat de Barcelona – IL3
Ideas for Change

Further information

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