Keynote – DocField Pro : el viaje (the journey) (2017)

Presentation of the Pentagrowth framework in the professional event related to the festival DocField.

At a glance

DOCfield, ​​is a proposal of the Photographic Social Vision Foundation to provide content related to documentary photography and photojournalism to the city of Barcelona, ​​with the purpose of showing social realities and themes insufficiently addressed in the media.

In 2017, alongside the photography festival, they launched DocField PRO, a day for professionals in journalism, communication, culture and the non-profit sector, to motivate reflections and analysis.

I participated in the gathering in 2017 presenting the Pentagrowth framework applied to the media and cultural ecosystems.

My contribution

Keynote presentation and further discussion.

Organizations involved

Photographic Social Vision Foundation
DocField Barcelona
Ideas for Change

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