Towards new mobility subscription models (2017)

Consulting project with an automobile manufacturing company defining new business models in anticipation of the new mobility paradigm.

At a glance:

We worked with SEAT during the ideation phase of a project aimed at define opportunities that could complement the launch of their new electric urban vehicle and advance the company towards new mobility models. 

In collaboration with A Piece of Pie, Ideas for Change designed and facilitated a workshop with +25 participants. 

After the workshop we worked in the refinement of the outcomes of the workshop and the prioritization of opportunities based on the strategic goals of the company and its unique position in the mobility and city (Barcelona) ecosystem.

My contribution:

I was the main coordinator of the project. I was involved in all the stages of the process, from writing the proposal to the delivery creation.

  • Research
  • Coordination with the client and key stakeholders
  • Workshop design and facilitation
  • Insights gathering
  • Strategy design
  • Final deliverable elaboration

Organizations involved:

A Piece of Pie
Ideas for Change

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