Talent Booster – Intrapreneurship program (2016 & 2018)

Training experience in which we exposed a group of 25 selected young employees of ADEO to 3 challenges presented by different entrepreneurs.

At a glance

Talent Booster is a program run every two years by the ADEO HR team with aim of supporting intrapreneurship within the company. A group of 25 candidates is selected internationally and they are exposed to different learning experiences all over the world. They are provided resources to execute projects and initiatives within the group. Ideas for Change was engaged to design and execute the business design module of the program when the participants were in London.

We designed a two-day program in which entrepreneurs from different fields would present a business challenge that they were currently facing. The participants had to design a solution to the challenge that leveraged on available (non-financial) assets in the ADEO group. The solutions were presented at the end of the session to the entrepreneurs whom would provide feedback and insights about the proposed solution. 

Prior to the session, Ideas for Change was responsible for selecting the entrepreneurs and helping them frame a business challenge in a generative way. Furthermore, we presented an introduction about business design at the start of the session and we supported the groups during their design sprints. 

My contribution

Main coordinator of the program. Main contact with the client, responsible of reaching out to the entrepreneurs, coordinating the framing sessions and facilitating the session during the workshop. 

Organizations involved



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