The Bristol Approach (2016)

Development of a new framework for running inclusive, sustainable and scalable, community-driven digital projects that involve sensor technologies.

At a glance

The Bristol Approach is a framework aimed at enabling technologists, businesses, artists and local people to work together to address relevant community issues using digital tools. People will also develop new skills and shape their neighbourhoods in the process.

Ideas for Change lead the research and framework design processes and was actively involved in the first deployment of the project, the Dump Busters. The Damp Busters pilot developed new ways of measuring the problem of damp in homes, including designing a frog-shaped temperature and humidity sensor. 

My contribution

  • Process documentation.
  • Support in the elaboration of the framework.
  • Facilitation of workshops together with the KWMC in Bristol.

Organizations involved

Knowles West Media Centre (KWMC)
Bristol City Council
Ideas for Change

Further information

The project’s website :
The Bristol Approach Booklet:

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