Rethinking the role of hotels (2016)

Reconsidering the value of available assets in the hotel industry to create new collaborative opportunities.

At a glance

Invited to a convention of Director’s of one of the largest European hotel chains, Ideas for Change ran a set of workshops that were framed to:

  • Understand business models based on creating new interactions between different agents (e.g. clients, neighbours, employees).
  • Identify under-utilized internal assets that could be used for the design of new interactions and opportunities.
  • Co-design experiments that can be implemented in a 6-month time frame and can offer a valuable experience to inform new opportunities and experiments.

Workshop 1: A view perspective on our available assets
Workshop 2: Exploring the capacities of the agents in our ecosystem
Workshop 3: New networks, new relationships
Workshop 4: Design of 6-months experiments

The convention gathered +180 people. Participants were organized in 9 working groups, each one lead by a facilitator that we had previously trained and prepared.

My contribution

I was the main coordinator of the project. Together with a design specialist, we designed the workshop and prepared all the materials. In the run-up to the event, we also organized several training sessions to ensure that all facilitators involved were familiar with the process and knew how to apply each tool.

After the event, we wrote a final report that contained a summary of the experience and presented the opportunities co-created by the different working groups that emerged during the workshop.

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